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Do Teachers have Any Effect On The Future of The Youth?

The teaching profession is facing a major challenge due to the large number of teachers calling it quits. This is discouraging to any parents, especially the new parents planning to enroll their children who are youth, to colleges and high schools. There are a number of reasons why professionals are leaving this field. Measures to deal with this problem should be put in place before it gets to uncontrollable levels.

Professions leaving this field has been brought about by teacher burnout and huge debts. Most teachers do not get much in terms of salary compared to graduates in other professionals. Due to the low salary that people in teaching field are making, they end feeling unmotivated and it also reflects on how they teach the youth. Most colleagues end up having youth who are less qualified and this has a major effect on how they perform at their work place when they are employed.

Teachers have a problem in paying their bills and also fulfilling their basic needs due to their poor salary. They end up demotivated and frustrated and this has a great effect on how they teach the youth in learning institutions. Most teachers are now opting to change professionals, schools are ending up having inadequate stuff.

In order to finish this problem, countries can pass laws which favor teachers such a better salaries and benefits.Measures such as forgiving teachers when it comes to students loans should be put in place. With such laws teachers will feel encouraged to put more effort when teaching the youth. In return many youth may want to do teaching as profession in college.

Youths are faced with many challenges in high school and colleagues that they end up opting to quit. Peer pressure and lack of fees are some the challenges that the youth might face. Youths are faced with many problem when in school but they do not feel okay with sharing them with their parents. Teachers are at a better place discussing with the youth about the various problems that they face.

Teachers can offer advice to the youth. They can assist the youth in achieving their dreams by guiding them in the right direction. The youth face problems such as peer pressure, drug abuse and depression, teachers can be very helpful in showing the youth how to overcome them.

Lack of teachers who want to provide counselling to the youth, has resulted to the youth not having someone to guide them. The lack of someone providing guidance to the youth has resulted to some youth committing suicide.

Every nation should prioritize in making the working conditions of these professionals, whom we have entrusted our youth with as favorable as possible. This has a long term effect on the kind of youth a nation has and also future leaders and parents.

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