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The Impact of Student Loans on Your Credit Score

Having the right knowledge when it comes to student loans is very important to Americans these days due to the fact that 44.2 million of them have a student debt.

Today, we will look deeper on how a student loan can affect a student’s credit score.

This article will teach you on how much student loans make a difference in your score and the strategies that you should do to maintain that score as much as possible.

Understanding Credit Score

Let us find out on who really calculates a credit and how it is calculated.

Most of the time, FICO issues credit score since they are the most popular company in their industry.

There are actually several factors that are considered before coming up with your credit score results, these includes the following:

Recent Credits

Credit History Length

What Composes Your Credits

Payment Records

Due Amounts

Your credit score is made up of 10%, 15, 10%, 35% and 30% of these components, respectively.

Mathematical computations are utilized in order to come up with a credit score. The exact calculations that FICO has come up with will not actually be transmitted.
Since there are several bureaus and companies that can provide you an information on how your credit is doing, you do not have to worry much about it.

If you really want to check your credit score online, you can check a website called Credit Karma.

We highly recommend that you obtain a summary showing how you performed, this can be done by requesting a credit report once a year from a couple of credit companies such as Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

An Excellent Credit Score Should be Maintained

Knowing what makes a good, very good, and exceptional credit score will help you maintain an exceptional score.

Through the standards provided by FICO, they are defined as the following:

A score is considered GOOD if it is between 670 and 739
A score is considered VERY GOOD if it is between 740 and 799
If a score is between 800 and 850, it is already considered an EXCEPTIONAL score

Since we already have an idea on where the favorable scores are classified, the next thing that you should find out is how to maintain them. Believe or not, it is quite easy to do this, you just have to simply pay your credits.

This implies that all the credits that have, including your student loan, should be payed as soon as they are due and it should be payed in full.

Once you have a favorable credit score, you can be assisted in having a home loan and rent an apartment, in fact, you can even buy a car and get more school loans. In cases like this and many more, those people who have a stand between you and your goals will definitely check the credit score that you have.

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