Choosing a Trade Show Display Foundation

Table covers may not be the most important item in a trade show booth but they do provide a professional look and a flattering base for the items on display. Choosing the right product enhances the appearance of the booth and makes the process of setting up before a show easier.

Choosing the Material

The best covers are almost always made from polyester. Most cloths are shoved into a bin or bag between shows and no one wants to have to stop and iron the tablecloth as they are setting up. Polyester is wrinkle-resistant and machine washable so it is the perfect material for traveling. Polyester also drapes easier than fabrics like cotton but is heavier than nylon so it stays in place better.

Selecting a Style

Fitted, draped or layered are the basic options to choose. A fitted cloth wraps tightly around the table for a streamlined look. This is a design that is less likely to be tripped over or to collect dust. However, a draped cloth makes it much easier to cover up items beneath the table if the area is to be used for storage. Layered cloths usually include one main skirt with a table runner in a contrasting color across the top. This option is elegant looking but may be too fussy for some booths.

Adding a Logo

Most businesses are now using their own branded cloths instead of the generic covers offered by the venue host. The table space is a large advertising area for a company logo that should not be wasted. Printed logos look much more professional that signs handing in front of the table. Bringing a custom cloth also means having the colors that coordinate best with the table design. Most people prefer a solid cloth but prints can stand out as well. Just make certain they do not overshadow the table display.

Investing in a few covers is a minimal expense that will have a huge impact on the overall look of the booth. Good quality covers will last for several trade show seasons with a simple machine wash between shows. Investing in a few unique designs will make it easy to alternate the displays for a slightly different appearance at following events.

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